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Watch this video and more on One4Kids TV

🐝 The Sweetest Treasure - Kazwa & Bilal featuring Zaky 🍯

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  • Learn About Dhul Hijjah - Zaky's Litt...

    Let's learn about Dhul Hijjah, the best 10 days of the year with Zaky!
    Featuring It's Eid Day & The Islamic Months Songs.

  • Transformer Attack (EP4) - The Good M...

    In this episode, Amin goes to the Jumu'ah (Friday Prayer) early and prepares the Masjid. During the prayer, many horns go off as cars are parked in the wrong places, blocking others, and kids play on their phones. Amin soon has another battle to fight.

    'The Good Muslim' is a new animation series...

  • NEW - Zaky's 25 Prophets Song

    The beautiful new 25 Prophets Song with Zaky.
    (NO MUSIC)

    Written and produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Produced by Abdullah Rolle & Subhi Alshaik
    Performed by Samirah Rolle, Abdullah Rolle & Subhi Alshaik

    Prophets Adam and Idris
    Prophet Nuh and Hud
    Prophet Salih and Lut
    Alayhum Assalam