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  • Cotton Candy Sky | Zain Bhikha

    The animated video for Cotton Candy Sky tells the story of two young children and their journeys through life.

  • The Apple Tree - Laith & Layla (Ep1)

    πŸŽ‰ One4kids are happy to release the first pilot episode of their new TV series, called Laith and Layla.

    Laith & Layla is a new 3D animated series that follows the everyday lives of Laith, his younger sister Layla and all their family and friends, as they learn, play and explore in their hometo...

  • Beautiful Short Hadiths

    13 videos

    A collection of beautiful hadiths from the Prophet Muhammad (saws) that are perfect for all to reflect upon. We will upload more hadiths insha'Allah.

  • Learn About Ayatul Kursi With Zaky

    Zaky's Little Reminders!

    Learn About Ayatul Kursi With Zaky!

  • Make an Origami Frog with Zaky

    In this video, you will learn how to make an Origami Frog with Zaky!

    Produced & edited by Mustafa Alshaik & Subhi Alshaik

  • πŸ₯° Because I Love YOU - New Zaky & Kazwa Song

    πŸ₯° Because I Love YOU
    The song was written & produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Backing vocals by Fathul Rahman Misbah

    Verse 1
    Every morning I wake
    and it’s all because of You
    Oh Allah You give so much
    And that is why I love You

    Allah – I love You
    Allah – I need You
    Allah – I want You
    In ...

  • Zaky's Message to School Kids!

    During this difficult time, Zaky has this message of encouragement to the children at school or homeschool.

  • The Muslims Cartoon Series | Episode 3 - Rainy Day

    Hani and Huda want to go outside to the park with their friends. Unfortunately, it's raining! Their mom and dad use this opportunity to teach them the dua for when it rains.

    The Muslims cartoon is a fun kid's show about a 7-year old boy named Hani Muslim, his 5-year old sister Huda Muslim, and t...

  • Thank You From One4Kids TV!