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Camping With Zaky & Friends

A Day with Zaky & Friends • 10m

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  • Lazy Holidays

    Laziness is something that Allah has told us about in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) was so concerned about being lazy that he would make du’a to Allah each day to protect him from laziness. In this episode, Zaky notices that Rashid is being very lazy during his schools holidays and so h...

  • A Gust of Wind

    While Kazwa is flying his kite, a strong gust of wind blows his kite onto the branch of a tree up high in Shadow Valley. Zaky, Kazwa, Toofa and Dawood all drum up the courage by singing a song together and go into Shadow Valley to get the kite.

  • First Day At School

    Zaky is walking past the local primary school when he notices a crowd gathered around a new student. He approaches the crowd to find out what’s going on and realises the student was being picked on and decides to help him out.

    Written by
    Kim Loe
    Subhi Alshaik

    Produced and edited by