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First Day At School

A Day with Zaky & Friends • 7m 55s

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  • Bully Blues

    When Badr is not at the playground after school, Dawood gets worried and goes on a search to look for him. With the help of Zaky and friends,they eventually find him and discover that he is avoiding the playground because he is being bullied.

    This episode was sponsored by Kirana Education


  • Honesty Scores a Goal!

    In this episode, Haroon and Rashid are getting ready to buy their new football boots when they realise they have lost all their money. While searching for their money they find an expensive stone. Zaky advises them to find the owner of the stone and thus teaching them the importance of honesty.

  • Ramadan is Here!

    Spend the first day of Ramadan with Zaky & friends from the time they first head out to the top of the hill to sight the moon, until they break they're fast together. Throughout the day, Zaky & friends give us some tips on things to do during Ramadan that will get us lots of extra rewards inshal...