Zaky's Little Reminders

Zaky's Little Reminders

Zaky's Little Reminders series features short but very beneficial reminders for us featuring Zaky, Mowy, Kazwa, Nadeen and Dawood.

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Zaky's Little Reminders
  • Zakys Little Reminder Collection

    All of Zaky's Little Reminders are now in one video!
    We will continuously add new reminders to this collection so you can watch them all together. Enjoy!

  • Zaky Reminder - Say Alhamdulilah!

    Zaky reminds us of this beautiful Hadith!
    Prophet Muhammad (saws) said,
    “The one who wakes up safe in his house, healthy in his body and has his food for the day, it is as if the whole world were brought to him.” (Tirmidhi)

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • ALLAH Loves these 2 Phrases

    Zaky's Little Reminders

    Today, we are going to learn about 2 phrases to say that are:
    - Very short
    - Easy to say
    - Huge in reward
    - And Allah loves them
    They are: Subhaan-Allaahi Wa Bihamdihi, Subhaan-Allaahil-Azeem
    Meaning: How Perfect Is Allah & all praise and thanks belong to him, h...

  • What To Do Before We Sleep

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Kazwa remind us what to do before we sleep.

  • 3 Pieces of Advice

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Kazwa remind us about the 3 Pieces of Advice that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, that made a Jewish man by the name of Abdullah ibn Salaam become a Muslim, and at the same time, Zaky and Kazwa are having fun fishing!

  • Thank Allah its Friday

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Mowy remind us about the importance and virtues of Friday and all the amazing events that happened on this day.

  • Removing Harm From The Road

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Kazwa remind us about the importance of removing harm from the road.

  • Saying Alhamdullillah (Thank You Allah)

    In this little reminder, Mowy gives us a great reminder of the meaning and rewards of saying Alhumdulilah.

  • How The Prophet Ate

    In this video, zaky gives us 9 tips on the habits of eating just as it was taught by Prophet Muhammad (saws).

  • Being Clean, Is Half Your Deen!

    In this episode of Zaky's Little Reminders, Zaky gives us some practical tips on staying clean.

    Produced and Edited by Subhi Alshaik & Abdul Rahman Alshaik

    Written by Muhammad Al-Bizry and Subhi Alshaik