The Maryam and Fatima Show

The Maryam and Fatima Show

One4kids TV presents, The Maryam and Fatima Show! In each episode Maryam and Fatima will teach us new Duas, Hadiths, verses from the Quran and even sing some songs with Zaky.

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The Maryam and Fatima Show
  • Maryam & Fatima Teach Us About The Ka'ba With Zaky

    After returning from their Umrah trip, Maryam and Fatima catch up with Zaky and tell him about their experience. They also build a mini Ka'ba and teach us about the Black Stone, Maqam Ibrahim, the Hateem and the great rewards of performing Umrah.

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  • Maryam & Fatima Unboxing Gifts From Zaky

    Maryam and Fatima receive some gifts from their friend Zaky at One4kids. Watch as they enjoy unboxing the Zaky gifts together.

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  • The Maryam & Fatima Show Collection

    All The Maryam & Fatima Show videos are now available as one video! We will continuously add new episodes to this collection so you can watch them all together. Enjoy!

  • Zaky, Maryam & Fatima Masud Sing 'I Love ALLAH'

    I Love ALLAH is a beautiful song for kids by Zaky, Maryam & Fatima Masud.

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

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  • Dua for Eating

    In this episode, Maryam and Fatima will teach us the Dua for eating while they are enjoying their lunch together.

  • Maryam & Fatima Make EID Treats!

    In this video, Maryam & Fatima make delicious EID Treats!
    Zaky also gives some advice about Ramadan and Eid.

  • Cute Video of Maryam Quizzing Fatima About Islam

    Cute video of Maryam quizzing Fatima about many different Islamic topics.

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  • Maryam Reciting Surat Al-Hajj in MAKKAH

    Umrah 2018: Maryam is reciting Surat Al Hajj at Al-Masjid al-Haram in MAKKAH.

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  • Maryam Interviews Fatima

    In this video, Maryam interviews her 2-year-old sister Fatima about Islam.

  • Everything Song with Zaky, Maryam & Fatima

    For the very first time, Zaky, Maryam and Fatima get together to sing, 'Everything For Allah'. They also give us some advice on things we can all do that ALLAH LOVES.

    Maryam & Fatima are now working with Zaky at One4kids TV to bring you more fun and educational videos for your children inshal...