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Picked For You
  • Lazy Holidays

    Laziness is something that Allah has told us about in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) was so concerned about being lazy that he would make du’a to Allah each day to protect him from laziness. In this episode, Zaky notices that Rashid is being very lazy during his schools holidays and so h...

  • The Prophet's My Hero | Omar, Hana & Zaky

    A beautiful song about the most beautiful person... Prophet Muhammad (saws) with Omar, Hana and Zaky.

  • Goodnight Child: A Muslim Lullaby + More Islamic Songs

  • Alhamdulilah Song by Zaky's Friends, Omar & Hana

    Alhamdulilah Song by Zaky's Friends, Omar & Hana

  • Our Big BIG Universe! Laith & Layla (Ep4)

    Our Big BIG Universe! Laith and Layla (Ep4)
    Written and Produced by One4kids

    Sponsored by Brothers In Need and Trademaster


  • We All Love ALLAH - Zaky Song

    We All Love ALLAH - Zaky Song

  • Allah Created Everything by Zaky

    Zaky sings his first ever children's nasheed called, Allah Created Everything. Learn about Allah's creations while singing along with Zaky.

    Written, arranged and produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Performed by Zaky (Subhi Alshaik)
    Backing vocals by Voice of Men
    Featuring Suzzie Sauer
    Video produced...

  • The Islamic Months - Zaky Song

    A great way for children to learn the Islamic months with Zaky.

  • Zaky Song - ALLAH Created the Oceans!

    Look under the ocean
    What do you see?
    Lots and lots of fish, so beautiful to see

    Look, there’s a turtle
    Look, there’s a stingray
    Look, there’s a seahorse
    Yellow and green

    Do you ever wonder who created this
    & Who created that

  • Omar, Hana & Zaky EID SONG!

    In this video, Zaky takes Omar & Hana around the world to see how Muslims celebrate Eid.

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    Website: https://www.omarhana.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmarDanHana/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omarandhana...
    Pinterest: https://www.pinteres...

  • Remembering Allah with Zaky & Friends

    ‘Remembering Allah with Zaky & Friends’ is the latest cartoon adventure by One4kids that teaches children many Duas to say in a fun and entertaining way.

    Zaky is getting ready to go fishing with Toofa when Teema delivers the sad news that Toofa is sick. Zaky, Kazwa, Teema and introducing Alim...

  • Learn Arabic With Toofa + Zaky Songs

  • Allah's Favourite Words By Laith & Layla

    Laith reminds us about the two words or phrases that ALLAH (SWT) loves. They are, Subhaan-Allaahi-Wa Bihamdihi, Subhaan-Allaahil-Azeem!

    Written and produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • Being Clean, Is Half Your Deen!

    In this episode of Zaky's Little Reminders, Zaky gives us some practical tips on staying clean.

    Produced and Edited by Subhi Alshaik & Abdul Rahman Alshaik

    Written by Muhammad Al-Bizry and Subhi Alshaik

  • Zaky Discovers Arctic Animals

    Learn about some of Allah's amazing creations.
    In this episode, Zaky and Suhaila discover a Polar Bear, Penguin, Snow Leopard, Orca, Arctic Wolf, Snow Hare and a Seal

  • Bully Blues

    When Badr is not at the playground after school, Dawood gets worried and goes on a search to look for him. With the help of Zaky and friends,they eventually find him and discover that he is avoiding the playground because he is being bullied.

    This episode was sponsored by Kirana Education


  • EPISODE 10 - Zaky's Learning Club

    Alhamdulillah episode 10 of Zaky’s Learning Club is complete! We are very happy to have reached this milestone and insha’Allah we will continue to produce more episodes.

    Download the Zaky colouring page here: https://bit.ly/2I9UlHB

    Episode 10 of Zaky's Learning Club features:
    Letter of the Day...

  • I Want To Go To Jannah Song By Zaky & Sumaya

    A beautiful song about Jannah by Zaky and Sumaya

    Written and Produced by Subhi Alshaik

    I want to go to Jannah
    I want to go there too
    Inshallah we go to Jannah
    May Allah, allow us to

    There are rivers of honey
    Food tasty and nice
    Whatever I wish for
    It will be mine ...

  • How to pray 2 Rakat (2 units) - Step by Step Guide

    Learn how to pray 2 rakat with this step by step video.

    This video is from the film, 'Time to Pray with Zaky'.

    A One 4 Kids Animation film
    Produced, written and edited by Subhi Alshaik

  • Zebra Song + More Islamic Songs - Zaky, Kazwa & Nadeen

  • Everything For ALLAH by Zaky (New Animated Video)

    This song from Zaky hopes to inspire children to do only what ALLAH loves for them to do.

    Written, produced and performed by Subhi Alshaik
    Backing vocals by Abdullah Rolle
    Featuring the voices of Suhaila & Sumaya Alshaik

  • Islamic Songs For Kids | 40 MINUTES | Zaky, Laith & Layla Songs Compilation

    Islamic Songs For Kids | 40 MINUTES | Zaky, Laith & Layla Songs Compilation

    Songs below:

    00:04 - Zaky's Bismillah Song
    02:32 - Inshallah Song By Laith & Layla
    04:34 - Zaky's Subhanallah Song
    07:30 - The Apple Tree Song By Laith & Layla
    09:22 - I Love Muhammad Song By Zaky
    12:46 - The Arabic Col...

  • Zaky's Arabic Numbers Song

    Learn how to count to 10 in Arabic with Zaky!