Omar, Hana & Zaky

Omar, Hana & Zaky

A playlist of all Omar, Hana & Zaky collaboration videos!

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Omar, Hana & Zaky
  • Omar, Hana & Zaky Collection

    All the Omar, Hana & Zaky videos are now available as one video! We will continuously add new episodes to this collection so you can watch them all together. Enjoy!

  • Alhamdulilah Song by Zaky's Friends, Omar & Hana

    Alhamdulilah Song by Zaky's Friends, Omar & Hana

  • The Prophet's My Hero | Omar, Hana & Zaky

    A beautiful song about the most beautiful person... Prophet Muhammad (saws) with Omar, Hana and Zaky.

  • Fasting is FUN! Song by Omar, Hana & Zaky

    A great song about fasting by Omar, Hana & Zaky!

  • Keeping Clean by Omar & Hana featuring Zaky

    Zaky, Omar and Hana teach us about the importance of cleanliness and sing the song, 'Keeping Clean'!

  • Omar, Hana & Zaky EID SONG!

    In this video, Zaky takes Omar & Hana around the world to see how Muslims celebrate Eid.


    Pinterest: https://www.pinteres...

  • The Virtues of Salah - SONG

    A song about the virtues of Salah (Prayer) for children by Zaky's friends, Omar & Hana.

    β€œ...surely salah is made obligatory for the believers at their prescribed time.” (The Quraan, Surah An-Nisaa: 4:103)

  • Assalamu Alaikum SONG by Omar & Hana featuring Zaky

    A great song for children about the beautiful Muslim greeting, Assalamu Alaikum!

    β€œThe best people in the eyes of Allah are the ones who start the salaam.” (Hadith narrated by Abu Dawud & At-Tirmidhi)

  • Omar & Hana x Zaky | Loving Orphans

    Join Omar & Hana and Zaky, as they learn about the importance of taking care of orphans.