Zaky Compilations

Zaky Compilations

A playlist of Zaky Compilations!

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Zaky Compilations
  • Zaky's Stories of the Prophets - Compilation

    Zaky has put together this compilation of stories of the Prophets.

    List of stories:
    Story of Prophet Yunus (as)
    Story of Ibrahim (as)
    Story of Prophet Adam (as)
    Story of Prophet Noah (as)

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • Zaky's Bedtime Songs - 10 Minute Compilation

    A nice collection of Zaky's songs that will help your child fall asleep.

    Song List: Good Night Child, I Love ALLAH, Never Water Water & Wake Up

  • 5 Zaky Animal Songs

    Now you can enjoy 5 Zaky animal songs in this compilation video!

    Song list:
    1- Zebra Song
    2- Lion Song
    3- Meerkat Song
    4- Camel song
    5- Bee Song

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Performed by Zaky (Subhi Alshaik), Suhaila Alshaik & Sumaya Alshaik

  • A Day With Zaky & Friends - Compilation

    Now you can watch 8 episodes in one video of the series, 'A Day With Zaky & Friends'. Enjoy and make Dua for us!

    Episodes includes:
    A Gust of Wind
    Bully Blues
    Mowy Visits Zaky
    Lazy Holidays
    Ramadan is Here!
    Honesty Scores a Goal!
    First Day at School
    Where's Rashid?

    Produced by Subh...

  • Zaky's Arabic Alphabet Song - Repeats 15 Times!

    Now your children can enjoy Zaky's world-famous Arabic Alphabet Song for 51 minutes in this video which repeats the song 15 times.

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • AMAZING Creations of ALLAH with Zaky - COMPILATION

    Learn about 8 amazing creations of ALLAH in this 26 minutes compilation video. We will learn about Elephants, Camels, Horses, Meerkats, Bees, Zebras, Lions and even Soil!

    Produced by Subhi Alshaik & Abdul Rahman Alshaik

  • 7 Blessings of Allah Compilation with Nadeen & Kazwa

    Enjoy and learn about 7 Blessings of Allah with Nadeen & Kazwa. We will about the great blessings of our eyes, ears, tongue, sun, rain, air, trees & Ramadan.

    Produced & edited by Subhi Alshaik & Abdul Rahman Alshaik

  • Zaky, Omar & Hana Four Song Compilation!

    Enjoy the first four Zaky, Omar & Hana Songs in this compilation!

    Songs list:
    Assalamu Alaikum
    The Virtues of Salah
    It's Eid Day
    Loving Orphans

  • Zaky Song Compilation - 47 Minutes

    All your favourite Zaky songs are now in one video for you to enjoy without any interruptions!

  • Alhamdulillah Zaky Compilation - (12 Minutes)

    Zaky has put together this 'Alhamdulilah' compilation containing the following videos:

    1- Alhamdulilah for my Hosue with Nadeen
    2- Alhamdulilah Song with Nadeen & Zaky
    3- Saying Alhamdulillah with Mowy
    4- Recite Surah Al-Fatiha
    5- Learn Surah Al-Fatiha with Zaky

    We hope you enjoy this video and...

  • Where's KAZWA? - Compilation

    Find out where Zaky's best friend Kazwa is in this 8 episode compilation that is fun and educational. In this compilation, Kazwa goes to Mt Everest, Makkah, Madinah, Masjid Al-Aqsa, the Amazon, the Nile River, the Great Wall of China and Malaysia.

    The 'Where's Kazwa' series is from the Zaky's L...