Nasheed / Songs

Nasheed / Songs

Watch all the video clips of our songs!

Produced, written & edited by Subhi Alshaik

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Nasheed / Songs
  • Judgement Day | Islamic Nasheed | Abdullah Rolle

  • I Am A Muslim by Zain Bhikha Kids

    Do you know that the first words you heard as a baby were Allah’s name? You are a Muslim for all of time, and Islam is your guiding light. Zain Bhikha’s song reminds you that Islam is your deen and Allah your Lord. It is a song that is a testament to your faith, and your journey from birth to dea...

  • Sounds of Allah's Creation - Kids Song

    Nadeen, one of Zaky's friends, sings this beautiful song titled Sounds of Allah's Creations.

  • NEW - Zaky's 25 Prophets Song

    The beautiful new 25 Prophets Song with Zaky.
    (NO MUSIC)

    Written and produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Produced by Abdullah Rolle & Subhi Alshaik
    Performed by Samirah Rolle, Abdullah Rolle & Subhi Alshaik

    Prophets Adam and Idris
    Prophet Nuh and Hud
    Prophet Salih and Lut
    Alayhum Assalam


  • 🐝 The Kazwa & Bilal Song 🐪

    Here is the video clip of the new Kazwa and Bilal song. We hope you enjoy it!

    Produced by Subhi Alshaik
    Produced and Performed by Abdullah and Samirah Rolle

    VERSE 1
    When Kazwa takes some honey,
    You know Bilal is going to get angry
    The chase, the chase will be on
    And kazwa will be stung


  • Welcome O Ramadaan | Zain Bhikha feat. Zain Bhikha Kids

    "Welcome, O Ramadaan" teaches us to seek forgiveness through prayer and fasting, give charity, and seek Allah’s pleasure by honouring this special month.

    Ramadaan is a significant and blessed month in our Islamic calendar. It is one of the five pillars of our faith and should be used as a time...

  • Children of Islam (Voice Only) Zain Bhikha feat. Zain Bhikha Kids

    "Children of Islam" serves as a beautiful reminder that with Allah in our hearts, we'll always stay on the right path. Its heartfelt lyrics deeply connect with children, reminding them to praise Allah, embrace their role in the Ummah of Rasulullah and the promise of brighter futures if we hold fi...

  • Turn To Allah | Zain Bhikha feat. Zain Bhikha Kids

    “Turn to Allah” encourages young minds to reflect on life's questions — Where are you going? Where do you come from? What are you doing? — and discover that the path to Allah is the best no matter the answers.

    This song instils the message that Allah is always present, guiding us on the right pa...

  • Give Thanks To Allah | Zain Bhikha

    "Give Thanks To Allah" is a delightful animation thanking Allah (SWT) for all His blessings.

    Performed by: Zain Bhikha
    Written by: Zain Bhikha
    Album: A Way of Life

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  • A Way of Life (Voice Only) by Zain Bhikha feat. Zain Bhikha Kids

    Islam is a way of life. As Muslims, we strive to maintain every aspect of our lives as believers.

    The song, 'A Way of Life’ was written and composed by Zain Bhikha in 1994. It teaches us about the fundamentals of faith with questions such as ‘ Do you know what Islam is?’ and ‘Do you know what I...


    Zaky's latest song reminds children to be clean, tidy and good to their parents, amongst other things that will make them good Muslims insha'ALLAH.

    This song is featured in 'The Carnival' from 'A Day With Zaky & Friends'.

    Produced by
    Abdullah Rolle

    Written by
    Subhi Alshaik

    Vocals by

  • Zaky's Giraffe Song

    The new Giraffe Song by Zaky & Sumaya!

  • Never Waste Water (New HD version)

    Never Waste Water - Zaky Song For KIDS
    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

    Ooh Ooh I I
    Never waste water
    Ooh I never
    Ever waste water

    Cause water is precious
    And we need it every day
    To wash our sins away
    That’s why I never ever waste water

    Ooh Ooh I I
    Never waste water
    Ooh I never eve...

  • Dada and Me - The Lovey Dovey Song (Voice Only) Zain Bhikha

    The unconditional love for a child is one of the most special feelings in the world. This sweet sing-along song encapsulates the pure joy of love shared with little ones with cute names and tasty treats, personifying this beautiful bond.

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  • Be KIND Song by Laith & Layla

    Be KIND Song by Laith & Layla

    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • NEW Zaky Song - I Can See!

    A beautiful new song by Zaky about the amazing Creations of ALLAH.
    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

    I can see the dolphin, swimming in the ocean
    I can see a stingray too

    There are so many beautiful things,
    Just look around and you will see

    I can a frog, jumping from a rock
    I can se...

  • Everything For ALLAH by Zaky (New Animated Video)

    This song from Zaky hopes to inspire children to do only what ALLAH loves for them to do.

    Written, produced and performed by Subhi Alshaik
    Backing vocals by Abdullah Rolle
    Featuring the voices of Suhaila & Sumaya Alshaik

  • Nasheed / Songs Collection

    A huge 60-minute compilation featuring 22 Zaky songs all in one video
    Written & Produced by Subhi Alshaik

    1- I Can See!

    2- Alhamdulillah

    3- I Love Muhammad
    4- I Smile!

    5- Sound of Allah’s Creations
    6- Zaky’s Bee Song

    7- Everything For Allah
    8- Allah Created Everything...

  • Zaky's Arabic Numbers Song

    Learn how to count to 10 in Arabic with Zaky!

  • The Shapes and Colours Song (Voice Only) Zain Bhikha Kids

    Allah’s signs of perfection are all around us!

    This beautiful song teaches children various shapes and colours as we bear testimony to all of Allah’s creation around us.

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  • Dada and Me | The Caring and Consideration Song (Voice only) Zain Bhikha

    Teaching children the beauty of always being caring and considerate, this simple song allows kids to learn how to be of benefit to those around them, no matter where they are.

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  • My Mum is Amazing | Zain Bhikha ft. Naadira Alli

    "My Mum is Amazing" is a touching song that tells the story of a little girls day with her mom. With Naadira's emotionally moving voice and a video that is truly magic, this song is a fitting dedication to the importance of a mother in any child’s life.

    Performed by: Naadira Alli
    Written by: Za...

  • Arabic Alphabet Song with Zaky

    This video clip is from the film, 'Let's Learn Arabic with Zaky' by One 4 Kids

    A One 4 Kids Animation film
    Produced, written and edited by Subhi Alshaik

  • I Love Muhammad Song!

    I Love Muhammad Song!

    Written and produced by Subhi Alshaik