Muslim Cartoons

Muslim Cartoons

A variety of Muslim Cartoons by other producers.

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Muslim Cartoons
  • Muslim Cartoons Collection

    All the Muslim Cartoon videos are now available as one video! We will continuously add new episodes to this collection so you can watch them all together. Enjoy!

  • The Muslims Cartoon Series | Episode 3 - Rainy Day

    Hani and Huda want to go outside to the park with their friends. Unfortunately, it's raining! Their mom and dad use this opportunity to teach them the dua for when it rains.

    The Muslims cartoon is a fun kid's show about a 7-year old boy named Hani Muslim, his 5-year old sister Huda Muslim, and t...

  • The Muslims Cartoon Series | Episode 2 - Life is a Test

    Hani Muslim fails a quiz that he forgot to study for. His sister Huda, and his father give him words of advice. Hani realizes he should try his best in everything he does, in order to please his Lord (Allah). If he does this, then he can never fail, because deeds are based on intentions and corre...

  • The Muslims Cartoon: Fun at the Park

    The MUSLIMS have launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce 6 more episodes of The Muslims Cartoon. If you're interested go here to donate!

    Help support The Muslims by purchasing our comic book for kids!:

    Click here for a digital copy: http://pay...

  • Stories of the Prophets - Mama and Lulu

    Mama and Lulu is a new series coming soon on Muslim Kids TV. Mama and Lulu travel the world facing a new adventure in each episode. In this episode baby Lulu learns the importance of not disobeying her Mama and how the story of Prophet Adam (AS) provides a valuable lesson on obeying Allah.