Little Explorers - Season 3

Little Explorers - Season 3

Hey there Little Explorers!

Come join in on the fun as Little Hamzah learns! Br Muhammad and Little Maryam help him, and all of you Little Explorers, as they join in on the fun and adventure of learning! Uncle Zee creates beautiful masterpieces that all of you Little Explorers can do at home. Boy! Does Little Hamzah get excited whenever Uncle Zee makes something that will help him! As always, Aunty Huda reads all the Little Explorers and Little Hamzah a beautiful book.

Little Explorers Australia is a children’s show which offers valuable education on the teachings of Islam presented in an entertaining and stimulating way.

Little Explorers - Season 3
  • Little Explorers Season 3 Collection

    All the episodes of Little Explorers Season 3 are now available as one video! We will continuously add new episodes to this collection so you can watch them all together. Enjoy!

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP1 Transport

    There so many different modes of transport. Whether it be used to get to work, school or even just for fun, it is important to travel safely.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP2 Seasons

    There are four different seasons throughout the year. However, not all parts of the world experience all four seasons. Do you know why some places are hot like the desert and others, cold like the north and south poles?

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP3 Shapes

    There are different shapes in almost everything around us and they each serve a purpose and benefit.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP4 Sports

    Being active keeps us healthy and strong. There are so many different fun ways to keep healthy like running, walking or playing any kinds of sports.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP5 Colours

    There are many colours in our world and each one is unique and special. Without colours, our life would not be much fun. What’s your favourite colour?

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP6 Manners

    Having good manners means that you are showing kindness and respect to people you meet. It is more than just saying please and thank you. For example, you can bake muffins and share them with your neighbours.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP7 Environment

    Ever wonder why it is important to have so many trees? Trees not only give us oxygen to breathe but they also give shelter to animals. In this episode, we learn how to recycle correctly and to look after our environment properly.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP8 Our Mothers

    Our mums are very special. They love, care and do so much for us. We learn how to be dutiful towards our mothers by listening and helping them around the house.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP9 Where Does It Come From?

    Ever wonder where the fruits and vegetables we eat actually come from? Explore with Little Hamzah the wonderful world where our food grows.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP10 Respect and Mercy

    Our parents, teachers and those who are older than us deserve our respect. After all, they help to teach us and they are older and wiser. We must show respect to them and help them in any way we can.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP11 School

    School not only teaches us numbers and alphabets but is also a fun place to learn about the world and make new friends. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP12 Water

    Did you know water comes from rain? And that the earth is 70% water? Water has so many uses; to wash and keep clean, to cook with, to drink when we are thirsty, and water can even be a habitat for animals.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP13 Animals

    There are so many amazing animals around us. They make our world an incredible place and can also help us in our day to day tasks.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP14 Healthy Eating

    There are many different types of food from all around the world. It is important to eat healthy food so it can give us the energy to be alert throughout the day.

  • Little Explorers - S3 EP15 Looking After Our Bodies

    Being active helps us stay healthy and energetic in our daily activities. We can all stay healthy too by eating the right food and keeping our bodies clean from germs.