Learn About Muhammad (saws)

Learn About Muhammad (saws)

Learn About Muhammad (saws), the greatest human being to walk the earth!

“And indeed, you (O Muhammad) are of a great moral character.”
[ Surat Al-Qalam (The Pen) Chapter 68:4]

Written, produced and edited by Subhi Alshaik

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Learn About Muhammad (saws)
  • Who is Muhammad?

    Muhammad (saws) was born around 570 A.D. in the city of Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula.

    Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa salaam (saws) is the Arabic phrase we use whenever we mention our beloved prophet Muhammad. It means: may the blessings and the peace of Allah be upon him (Muhammad).

    As Muslims, w...

  • What Did Muhammad (saws) Look like?

    Prophet Muhammad (saws) has been described as having a handsome face and strong body. He was not short or tall, nor skinny or fat.

    He was a man of medium height and build with broad shoulders and a broad chest. Muhammad (saws) was fit and well proportioned.

    Muhammad (saws) had dark and int...