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Salaamun Salaam - Voice Only by Zain Bhikha

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  • Shoe Rack Attack (EP1) - The Good Muslim

    Unfortunately, in some Masjids, shoes are scattered on the floor instead of being placed in the shoe rack. In this first episode, Amin gets frustrated and puts the shoes on the shoe rack himself; however, it is not as easy as he thought because the shoes fight back 👊👞.

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    It's the perfect day for surfing. Zaky meets Kazwa at the beach to give him a surfing lesson. While surfing, a big wave hits Kazwa and his surfboard flies and hits Bilal the bee, who is relaxing on the sand... and the chase begins! 😂

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    Zaky reminds us about the importance of Remembering ALLAH (swt).
    Includes songs!