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  • Zaky's Adventures 2 - PREVIEW

    Get ready for another exciting and fun Adventure with Zaky & Friends as their journey through the jungle to reach their camping site. Zaky's Adventures part 2 will be released early 2019 inshallah.

  • Zaky Discovers Australian Birds

    In this episode, Zaky and his friend Suhaila, discover some of Australia's beautiful Birds. We will see Parrots, Magpies, Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Lorikeets, Galahs, Emus, Pelicans and Budgerigars.

  • Zaky & Friends Live Show - SYDNEY 2018

    Zaky & Friends Live Kids Show

    Click here for more info and tickets: https://bit.ly/2QENeGO


    Episode seven of Zaky's Learning Club features:

    Letter of the Day with Toofa - Haat
    5 Daily Prayers - Isha
    Where’s Kazwa? - Nile River
    99 Names of ALLAH - 19-21
    Guess What The Animal Is?
    Counting with Kazwa - Number 9
    Count the Blessings of Allah - Our Tongue
    Let's Recite Quran - Surat ...

  • Maryam Interviews Fatima

    In this video, Maryam interviews her 2-year-old sister Fatima about Islam.

  • Zaky's Meerkat Song

    Zaky's Meerkat Song

    Song written and produced by Subhi Alshaik.
    Performed by Zaky (Subhi Alshaik), Sumaya Alshaik & Suhaila Alshaik

  • Suratul Masad

    In this episode, we will learn about the events that led to the revelation of Suratul Masad and then Mowy will give us an explanation of each verse.

  • Suratul Asr

    Let's memorise Suratul Asr!

    Quran Recited by Ustaath Walid Molhem
    Edited by Abdal Rahman Alshaik & Subhi Alshaik
    Produced by Subhi Alshaik

  • Zaky's Adventures - The Earth Has a Fever

    'Zaky's Adventures -The Earth Has a Fever' takes children on an exciting journey of discovery that not only entertains but also educates us about Climate Change and what we can do for the environment.

    Through the creepy forests of Shadow Valley to riding down the raging rapids, Zaky & his frie...

  • The 99 names of Allah (28-36)

    Learn about the beautiful names of Allah. This video contains names 28-36.

    A One 4 Kids Animation film
    Written, produced and edited by Subhi Alshaik

  • Jannah's Way - New Cartoon for Muslim Girls

    Jannah’s Way awaits your support to get produced. If you are interested in sponsoring an episode please contact us: [email protected]

    A great new & exciting cartoon series for young Muslim girls! The first of its kind.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a TV show or movie dedicat...

  • Zaky Talking & Singing Plush Toy

    Now you can talk to Zaky, learn about Islam & sing Zaky’s favourite songs with the new Zaky Talking & Singing Plush Toy!

    - Featuring 8 songs, 8 daily duas and lots of advice from Zaky!
    -The perfect gift for your child!

    - Buy now from our online store: https://www.one4kids.net/product-pa...